Morgan Paige

  • 2020

    Submission # 76

  • Output

    Self-initiated – Tāku kaupapa

  • Kaupapa

    Identity – People & Culture

    Identity – Place

  • Location

    Auckland, Tāmaki Makaurau

Project Overview:
This was a self-initiated project for my artistic development and to explore a new way to depict my thoughts through a series of artworks.

My intention of these works was to create nostalgic pieces that tap into our collective shared experiences living, or growing up in New Zealand. I was born in the era of the 90's and have been influenced by pop culture of the eighties and before the millennium, drawing memories from childhood and gaining inspiration through my family.

My work style has always been balanced between modern art and design. I wanted to combine a structured flat lay layout, more commonly seen in today's era through social media and editorial pieces, with reference back to the past.

I sourced inspiration from books, op shops, online, items from my family home and then structured them into a grid plan. Coloured pencils were used to illustrate each item and then I used acrylic paint to fill in the negative space and to add subtle shadows.

There are 3 large works in this series, each with its own theme and slightly different time reference. They give an overview into Kiwi icons, consumerism and life in New Zealand.

Archiver’s Response:

Great style of illustration, the nostalgic feeling is very much attained

Essentials Morgan Paige 3000x2000 1
Essentials Morgan Paige 2000x3000 3
Essentials Morgan Paige 2000x3000 3b
Archive Submission
Essentials Morgan Paige 2000x3000 2b
Essentials Morgan Paige 2000x3000 1
Essentials Morgan Paige 2000x3000 1b

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