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He Puna Taimoana — Hot Pools By The Sea, Identity, Signage and Sand Art

  • 2020

    Submission # 43

  • Output

    Identity – Tuakiri

  • Kaupapa

    Identity – Place

    Impact – Reach / Results / ROI

  • Location

    Canterbury, Waitaha

Project Overview:
"A identity embraced by the hot pools — they made the logo 60ft wide on the beach, weaved it throughout the new building, cut it out of the rubbish bins & made it the cornerstone of their signage system" Brief/contextChristchurch City Council wanted us to develop an identity and positioning for the new pools being constructed on the New Brighton foreshore. This work needed to accentuate a clear point of difference and drive trial and repeat usage amongst Christchurch residents and visitors. The target is a minimum of 75,000 visits per annum.’Scope of workResearch, Naming, Brand Identity, collateral and guidelines, marketing strategy and launch.Website and on-site wayfinding. The new Hot Pools is a key part of the wider New Brighton Regeneration Project. The people and communities of New Brighton were consulted throughout the branding process. Matapopore developed a cultural narrative for the New Brighton Regeneration Project as well as the cultural design intent for the Hot Pools. He Puna Taimoana (the pools by the sea), was the name gifted to the project by Matapopore Trust. We commissioned research to provide us with important insights of our key audiences and integrated this as we created a dramatic and uplifting brand story for He Puna Taimoana that wove together our bicultural history, the physical place, and elemental feel of the location to introduce and connect this exciting complex to the region.

The intention of the work was to create a place for the community to come together and to act as a cornerstone to help revitalise the New Brighton area. We wanted a place where young and old, locals and tourists could mix. An accessible, inclusive and respected space. Central to this was the brand narrative — which we created in conjunction with Matapopore.He Puna Taimoana.The hot pools by the sea.Where the land meets the ocean -and the elements weave together.People, place and experienceintertwining.The heat of the pool.The taste of salt.The sound of laughterand waves colliding.The rush as we jump in.The calm as we breathe out.The chill of sunblock on warm skin.A trail of wet footprints -bringing us together.These moments form a threadpulled in and out with the tide.The swell of the pools, oceanand community in unison.These are the hot pools by the sea.We created a brand narrative video to tell the story and showcase the values. The video featured a 60ft wide piece of sand art. The film stars Peter Donnelly - New Brighton’s iconic sand-artist, now retired - and Jeremy Lillico, another local artist who’s taking the reins from Peter. This story weaves in elements that make up the Hot Pools (people, place and experience intertwining) and threads that with a central narrative of the kid’s encounter with the artists and the community coming together in the pools.

The resulting logo design reflects the waves of the ocean at the shoreline – where the land meets the sea and the elements combine. The four weaving lines represent water, the beach, the community and weaving. A symbol to weave everything together and a visual device we could use to tie the brand together. We didn’t want to overpower the stunning building and location so we weaved it throughout the facility on signage and wayfinding and even cut into the rubbish bins. We decided that we wanted the signage system to be as invisible as possible — so it wouldn’t distract from the beautiful space and architecture. We also felt a zoning system would allow users to be able to use the space without having to over complicate it. The sand sculpture gave us a way to create the logo in the natural environment and a perfect image to help showcase the space.Results:In spite of launching post covid, the results have been outstanding:— The brand narrative video viewed 19,000+ times— Queen’s Birthday Weekend sold out in 6 hours.— Launch traffic to the website and pre-bookings were so high, the client delayed the online ‘launch’ campaign.— Visitor target 75,000, result 82,690 visitors— Website target 1 million, result 1.5 million page views— ROI target $5. Actual $29.— Membership target 240, result 1292— Positive reviews target 60, result 420

Archiver’s Response:

"Impressive ROI"

"The beach between the ocean and land is the perfect spot to create a 60ft sand logo that represents bridging the two. I like the simplicity of the icon and the fact that regardless of if people understand its background it still resembles overlapping waves.

The option to have it repeating on itself to create flowing patterns where needed is smart, very versatile. What stands out for me is the Māori translations on all the signage for the zones, something that could have been overlooked."

"The drawing of identity in the sand is a highlight of this project."

Credits & Collaborators:
Creative Director - Rupert de Paula
Design Director - Chris Flack
Contributors - Resonate, Clint Lloyd, Photographer, Matapopore Charitable Trust, Merryn Skipper, Dan Terris, Nick Harvey, Research First, nv Interactive, Signtech, Aaron Lee Photography, AW Architects, Baptiste Marconnet Architecture Photography
Design Strategist - Lee Parkinson
Designer - Chris, Flack, Liam Ooi, Erin Broughton

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