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    Digital Design – Toi Matihiko

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    Innovation – Technical

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    Auckland, Tāmaki Makaurau

Project Overview:
There are currently over 500 million homeless dogs in the world and our client’s vision is to eradicate pet homelessness by 2030. There are loads of organisations worldwide trying to connect people with a dog. And that’s great, we all have the same ultimate goal, but could a new approach to adoption help more dogs find their forever humans?

There are many challenges facing shelter dogs, but one significant challenge lies at the heart of the adoption process - adoption is designed to meet the needs of the humans involved, not the dog.

Currently, adoption is about people shopping for the dog they want, instead of the dog that’s right for them. This disconnect leads to 1 in 5 animals being returned to shelters because they aren’t a good match for their new family.
The key to successful dog adoption is making sure the human is right for the dog just as much as the dog is right for the human. Considering both sides of the adoption equation can have a profound impact and getting that right means the relationship should last a lifetime.

The challenge to us was to enable shelters to effortlessly find the right humans for their dogs, and facilitate a smooth adoption process leading to permanent ownership.

The number one way to achieve this is by helping shelters. By making things easier and more streamlined for them, they can find the perfect human for their dogs, while they focus on what’s most important - dogs.

The purpose was simple. Help every dog find their forever human.

The solution needed to be dog-first, compassionate and action-orientated to truly have an impact on eradicating pet homelessness.

The aim was to create the most powerful yet intuitive shelter management system in the world to make it as easy as possible for shelters to look after as many dogs as possible. Then get them homes by identifying adopters more likely to be the forever match for their dogs.

In our research existing platforms were very dull and non-experience led. Plus shelter workers suffering from compassion fatigue were disengaged. This piece would have to successfully combat these negative factors to consistently engage with, and be useful for shelters and workers.

MyHooman. The first end-to-end shelter platform that flips how dog adoption works. Instead of helping humans find dogs, it helps dogs find the right human.

A profile builder collects data feeding an intelligent algorithm which matches dogs with adopters. Then a Tinder-like UI shows adopters their best doggy matches.

We call it ‘Cuddly Tech’. Cuddly design captures the joy dogs bring to the world and Tech is the functional technology and data which ensures more dogs find forever humans.

Our Wordmark, is key to our identity. Two oOs cuddling embodies the connection between dog and adopter. They’re also our Snuggle Symbol which we can used in isolation.

Connecting human and animal drove every design choice. Bold type, fun illustration, cute animation and tone of voice form a highly empathetic system designed to combat compassion fatigue and entertain adopters. Micro-interactions and transitions provide feedback to the user on taps and gestures giving them a sense of direct interaction.

A warm yellow brand colour supported by striking blue and pink form an energetic and cohesive core palette. Teal, dark pink and more yellows provide background warmth and stretch while rounded corners keep everything puppy friendly.

4 weeks into MVP, 55% of animal shelters had signed up, 590 profiles were viewed 33,922 times and 10 adoptions were processed.

MyHooman is a product and brand created from scratch that puts dogs first. It combats compassion fatigue in shelter workers, streamlines adoption processes and connects with targeted adopters in a fresh and compelling way.

Archiver’s Response:

"A brilliant solution for an underestimated problem. The best part about it was that it removed this common idea of choosing a lifelong pet is like choosing your favourite flavour. It makes the audience think about many factors that will effect the dog in their environment while they're choosing. What I liked best was that it came from the dogs perspective, and even though the human was still making the decision, it gave the dog indirect rights. How it should be.

The digital medium used is the perfect platform and technical capabilities have been well used here. Clearly inspired by dating service apps, it demonstrates that good concepts can work beyond what they were intended for and even for morally better purposes. The light-hearted soft and poppy art direction makes the experience enjoyable and fun, this could have easily felt regimented if done differently. Overall well executed and the results speak for themselves."

"A great solution to a difficult problem with an appropriate design response."

"Love the language and illustrations used"

Credits & Collaborators:
Colenso BBDO - Chief Creative Officer: Levi Slavin, Group Executive Creative Director: Dan Wright, Executive Creative Director: Maria Devereux, Creative Director: Kim Ragan, Senior Art Director: Charlie Godinet, Senior Copywriter: Rob Graves, Copywriter: Shannon Doidge, Executive Director. Mars Business & Innovation: Ahmad Salim, Senior Business Director: Nico Hume-Ainsworth, Programme Director: Arameh Bozorgi, Business Manager: Shem Dela Cruz Baua, Senior Planner: James Tucker, Experience Design Lead: Teresa Luckman, Digital & Data Strategist: Emma Tait, Head of Digital Production: Tennille Barnes, Senior Digital Producer: Claudio Varoli-Piazza, Senior Digital Producer: Chris Domin, Senior Digital Producer: Amanda Theobald, Digital Producer: Elle Kiddie, Digital Design Director: Dean Pomfrett, Senior Designer: Hamish Steptoe, Designer: Josh Hart-Vrijkotte, Digital Designer: Jodie Heron, Digital Designer: Casey Chan Digital Experience Designer: Nic Seagrave, Lead Creative Technologist: Logan Maire, Technical Lead: Anna Markova, Senior Developer: Fabio Cigiliano, Senior Developer: Ryan Potter, Full Stack Engineer: Kyle Wetton, Delivery Director – Experiential: Michelle Wade, Delivery Director - Experiential & Staff: Maddy McLean,
Watermark - Creative Director: David Way, Animation & Illustrator: Shannon Jahnel Lanktree
Levo - Lead Backend Developer: Daniel Mackay, Head of Solution Architecture: Clive Haskins, Senior Backend Developer: Bahvesh Borad, Lead Backend Developer: Mahdi Shahbazi,

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