The Movement

  • 2021

    Submission # 193

  • Output

    Campaign – Pānuitanga

  • Kaupapa

    Identity – People & Culture

    Identity – Politics & Action

  • Location

    Wellington, Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara

Project Overview:
At over 30 years old, Footnote ¬– New Zealand Dance, is Aotearoa’s longest-running contemporary dance company. The story of Footnote is the story of dance in this country, with almost every notable New Zealand dancer and choreographer for over a generation having worked with Footnote during their careers.
The Movement, a tour of four dance pieces aims to be a an antidote to apathy and inaction!

This is a brand-new dance work from Footnote that amplifies important conversations about our world. The rising tide, the future of biotech, an acknowledgement of painful experiences and our collective approach to change.

Drawing inspiration from the power of the arts to amplify important conversations and provoke change, The Movement is a quadruple bill of powerful new works. Each dance tackles a different issue that has importance to each of the choreographers, ranging from environmental through to societal. Audiences a presented a warm, yet thought-provoking, show that should encourage interaction and discussion about positive changes for our world.

The tour is visiting 14 towns and cities in both the North and South Island.

The approach is both a performance and a discussion of the work and the issues each choreographer has developed.

The hope is that, by creating a space to both enjoy a dance performance and really understand the meaning behind the work – meaningful conversations can be shared.
The experience is both entertainment and education – a richer and deeper connection with contemporary dance, the performers and local activists.

In response to a tour tackling issues of our time, the design celebrates movement and activism. The red swirling motions shapes and black type and imagery, gives each piece it's power - with the overlaid turquoise purposely softening the images to welcome our potential audiences.

Inspired by activation campaigns, we photographed each dancer in high energy expressions, creating a campaign that embraced the diverse range of dance pieces.

The typography is inspired by hand-made placards seen in marches and cause related gatherings.

Credits & Collaborators:
Art Director - Janelle Rodrigues
Designer - Janelle Rodrigues
Photographer - Caroline Atkinson
Producer - Janelle Rodrigues

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